About Me

I am a genre nomad, working my way through poetry, fiction, nonfiction, film, and digital media, and seeking my inspiration in the seams between them. daddylabyrinth derives from my long-term interest in those borderlands. 

I have three print books out: the prize-winning short story collection Wifeshopping (2008) and of two sets of prose poems, The Birth of Trigonometry in the Bones of Olduvai (2013) and Thirty-One Octets: Incantations and Meditations (2014).

My first novel, Of Fathers and Fire, is forthcoming from the University of Nebraska Press as part of its Flyover Fiction series.

Other digital works include the interactive video Talk with Your Hands Like an Ellis Island Mutt (2016) and the interactive novel game Love at Elevation, forthcoming from Choice of Games in 2018;

I’ve taught creative writing and film at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the College of the Holy Cross, and the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. I am currently an assistant professor of English at South Dakota State University. Visit me at stevenwingate.com ​ or via Facebook or Twitter

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I love talking about fatherhood, son-hood, and the digital world. Give me a shout. Invite me to talk to your campus, community, conference, or online group. C'mon, what's stopping you?

a digital lyric memoir

​by Steven Wingate